We are proud to be a sponsor of the World Surf League ‘Live Like Zander’ Junior Pro

Live Like Zander Junior Pro in Memory of Zander Venezia Boys and Girls & Thomo QS 1000 in Memory of Bill Thomson Mens pro – November 7th-10th, 2019. (WSL) Qualifying North American Junior series, The Live Like Zander Junior Pro in memory of Zander Venezia, one of our young promising junior surfers who recently left us for a better place. This is the final set of WSL junior events for the North American region. This will be the junior boys & girls last chance to qualify for the 2019 WSL World Junior Championships. The event will be taking place at the world famous Soup Bowl, Bathsheba, St. Joseph.

Over a 100 participants from 16 countries – USA, Canada, Mexico, Guadeloupe, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, France, Costa Rica, Panama, Russia, Puerto Rico, Great Britain, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica & Martinque.

The Barbados Pro is the penultimate Surfing stop on the 2019 APP World Championship Tour that crowns World Champions for both Men & Women for the fastest growing watersport and one of the fastest growing participatory sports in the world.

Steeped in prestige, and widely anticipated to be a pivotal part of the 2019 season, Barbados and its world-famous wave called ‘Soup Bowl’ in Bathsheba will play host to the world’s very best athletes as they work their way towards a World Championship Title.

Beyond the Professional competition and attention that this will drive to Barbados the world over (through live and post produced broadcasts and general media across all platforms and premier networks), Stand Up Paddling provides an unparalleled ease of access to anyone and everyone as the most inclusive sport in the family of water sports.

As such, the Barbados Pro will kick off with an all-inclusive weekend of fun and festivities that will see the Pros mingling both on and off the water with visitors and locals alike down at Carlisle Bay, in a relaxed and typically Bajan environment, before the intensity of professional competition kicks off in Bathsheba on Monday 11th.