Infra Equipment Rentals (IER) is the #1 choice that offers a full range of machines, tools, equipment and supplies to meet all of your job site needs. And, because we rent newer equipment that is fully serviced by expert mechanics, it’s ready to work when you are. IER offers a variety of equipment rental services that can be customized for your needs, including short-term & long-term.

Contractors who rent a lot of equipment know that Infra Equipment Rental is the place to go for great service, quality equipment rental products, and unmatched prices. We have a huge inventory, and our staff has the experience, so you can be assured of having the right equipment rentals when and where you need it. We give you first-class service and support from a locally owned and operated equipment rental provider.


Renting is the most cost-effective way to acquire a piece of equipment without incurring all the hidden costs that are attached to the purchase of equipment. Our rentals are ready to work the second they arrive. Our bottom line is if we have it – we rent it.

More and more organisations are switching to renting because of these benefits:

  • Minimize costly breakdowns
  • Jobs completed more efficiently
  • Maintenance cost reduction
  • Elimination of storage costs
  • No capital investment
  • Increased borrowing power
  • Latest equipment
  • Try before you buy
  • Supplement your core fleet
  • Responsive service


Aerial Equipment
Infra Rentals is the local agent for the world-famous Genie lifts which are available in a range of sizes for rental or purchase. From the one-man personal lift to the larger boom lifts and articulating lifts, Infra Rentals has the size suited to your task. With their easy operation and low-noise functionality, Genie lifts are perfect for any corporate or hotel environment where low noise levels are of utmost importance.

Air Tools & Equipment
Our air compressors and related accessories are designed to make any job easier and more efficient. With a full range of air compressors of various sizes, Infra Rentals also offers top-of-the-line complementary tools such as Bosch nail guns and impact wrenches for home or industrial application.

Compaction Tools & Equipment
Infra Rentals has a range of small, medium and large compactors for any size job. From the one-man plate compactor to rammers and rollers, our equipment is suited to various sized workspaces and projects. We also offer for rental hydraulic compactors for use with our eight (8) tonne and twenty-two (22) tonne excavators.

Earth Moving Equipment
The Infra Rentals fleet of earth moving equipment is second to none. We offer backhoe loaders, skid steers, excavators of various sizes (3.5, 8, 13, 22, 33 and 46 tonnes) and wheel loaders for rent. No job is too large or small for our team to handle.

Electrical Tools & Equipment
Infra Rentals is the local distributor of the Bosch range of electrical power tools which includes drills, power saws, nail guns, laser measurement tools, saw blades and drill bits and a wide range of accessories. Known for their durability, the Bosch line is “Built for Life” and will be an asset to any major construction project. Cordless tools are an important element of the Bosch line with associated support products and service.

Event Rental Equipment
As a leading provider of event rental equipment, Infra Rentals has a range of supplies designed to fully outfit your event for success. From tents, portable toilets, light towers, barricades and fencing, we are your reliable event partner and a one-stop-shopping solution to cost-effectively host your event.

Facility Maintenance & Cleaning Facility
We offer a full range of cleaning equipment and supplies for use in the home or office. Our Bissell brand of floor and carpet cleaning equipment are known for their quality finish. Additionally, we are the distributors of a range of powerful, environmentally friendly, professional cleaning products that complement our equipment such as the Bissell Big Green which is recognized for its performance.

Lawn & Landscape
We are the home of the Efco line of lawn and garden products that include weed trimmers, chainsaws, blowers and lawn mowers have been tried and tested over many years of service. We also offer a range of garden tools and accessories including the walk behind string trimmer and hedge trimmers with various attachments for jobs that require multiple tool changes.

Scaffold & Framework Equipment
Scaffolding is an essential element of any major construction site. We offer not only the popular “H” frame scaffolding but also the cup-lock scaffolding which is gaining in popularity and preferred by contractors and architects around the world due to its ease of assembly and cost-effectiveness.

Material Handling
Let us assist you with the movement of large and heavy equipment and supplies with our range of economic Heli forklifts that are powered by diesel or LPG. As the distributors of the Heli range of forklifts, they are available for rental or purchase. Our material handling equipment also includes the highly effective load-alls in a range of sizes.

Trucking and Skip Services
Our trucking services are available for the transportation of sand, aggregate or any range of material to and from your site. Whether for home or business, we offer competitive rates to ensure your budget is on target. Our skip services can be an essential part of ensuring that your job –site is always clean and cleared on a daily basis or as required.

General Construction Equipment
Infra Rentals supplies the construction industry with a range of small and large tools to assist you in completing your job on time and on budget. Our satisfied customers include many contractors and individuals who have benefited from the cost-savings associated with renting versus the purchase of equipment.