The Rental Protection Plan (“RPP”) is NOT an insurance policy. The RPP is an extended rental protection plan, for you or your company, to offset possible damages or theft that may occur during the equipment rental period. While the RPP is completely optional, it is recommended to maximize your total protection while renting equipment. The RPP can also cover gaps in your insurance coverage such as when the loss is within your insurance deductible or when the loss is greater than the deductible, but not large enough to make filing a claim in your best interest. Actual terms of the RPP are outlined in the rental contract.


For equipment stolen, customer is only responsible for 10% of the manufacturer’s suggested list price, up to a maximum of $500. In the case of theft of equipment, your responsibility is limited when you have paid for the RPP and comply with the rental contract, including filing a proper police report of the theft within 48-hours of discovery of theft. If the equipment is recovered at a later date, Sunbelt Rentals retains ownership.

Without the RPP, if equipment is stolen from your jobsite, you are 100% responsible for replacing the equipment. Even if your insurance covers the stolen equipment, you will likely have to meet your deductible. With the RPP, your maximum responsibility for stolen equipment is 10% of the manufacturer’s suggested list price, up to a maximum of $500.

DAMAGE PROTECTION (incidental & accidental)

For the cost of repairs, the customer is only responsible for 10% of the cost of the repairs, up to a maximum of $500. The RPP can shield you, as the customer, against unexpected expenses that could result from damage during the use of rental equipment. Typically insurance does not cover the cost of repair or such repair cost is within your deductible amount.


First $50 of tire puncture repair costs are covered for each occurrence. Tire punctures are another element covered by the RPP.


Customers are exempt from rental charges on damaged equipment covered by RPP while it is being repaired. The RPP limits your responsibility for cost of repairs, as well as eliminating your liability for the rental amount normally charged during the period in which the equipment is repaired.

There are limitations to the RPP coverage which are clearly listed on the Rental Contract. Please refer to your contract or ask to speak to a manager if you have questions about the RPP.

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