Sullivan Compressor 185

All 185 Compressors have Galvaneal Enclosures that protect against_x000D_
chipping and rust._x000D_
• Glow plug engines provide easy starting in all climates._x000D_
• The D185P model has galvanized wheel wells and tool boxes for extra_x000D_
rust protection._x000D_
• Pintle eye or 2” ball hitch is available, adjustable height jackstand and_x000D_
safety chains are standard on all models._x000D_
• Two-stage air filters with dry type elements provide separate filtration for_x000D_
engine and compressor

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Rear panel detaches for external cleaning of coolers._x000D_ All units have side by side coolers._x000D_ • The Standard D185P model has a 29 gallon steel_x000D_ fuel tank, galvanized wheel wells and tool boxes,_x000D_ heavy-duty 15” “ST” rated tires for stability and ease_x000D_ of towing._x000D_ • The P2 & P3 models have 20 gallon plastic fuel_x000D_ tanks, and tires with 13 inch wheels._x000D_ • P2 Model has a containment frame, fork pockets_x000D_ and external drains._x000D_ • Drawbars are made of strong tubular steel with_x000D_ choice of 3” pintle, or 2” ball hitch._x000D_ • Adjustable, swivel screwj