MK 5007T 230-Volt 3-Phase Wet Cutting Block Saw

With a precision screw feed mechanism, the MK 230-Volt 6-Phase Wet Cutting Block Saw allows the cutting head to be easily raised or lowered to the precise cutting depth required. The blade guard cover gives 180-degree coverage at all times with adjustable water supply for maximum blade protection. An open-back design allows for material up to 20 inches long to be cut. Other features include a 7.5 HP motor, built-in tie-downs for safer saw transport, an ergonomically-designed handle for reduced operator fatigue, and heavy-duty built-in forklift brackets for front or side approach. Spherical rod ends are used to maintain proper cutting head alignment, and the conveyor cart is built from heavy-duty cast aluminum. This block saw comes with a 1-year warranty.

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230-volt 6-phase wet cutting block saw for precision cutting_x000D_ Blade guard cover provides 180-degree coverage with adjustable water supply_x000D_ Conveyor cart built from heavy-duty cast aluminum; open-back design allows for cutting materials up to 20 inches long_x000D_ Includes 7.5 HP motor, built-in tie-downs; ergonomically-designed handle; heavy-duty built-in forklift brackets_x000D_ 1-year limited warranty