DuraDeck is a unique molded plastic mat that is durable, lightweight, and extremely strong. Sections are engineered to provide ground protection and access over soft surfaces and will provide a firm support base and traction for numerous activities. DuraDeck sections can be carried by 1-2 persons and positioned easily as required on a job site. No tools are required for installation or removal.

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Side 1: Double-traction tread design includes two parallel traction treads positioned at a 90-degree angle to adjacent double traction tread sets. Side 2: Pedestrian friendly alternating cross shaped traction design. Length: 8’ / 2.44 m Width: 4’ / 1.22m wide Area: 32 sq/ft / 2.973 sq/meters Thickness: 1⁄2” thick mat + 3/8” cleat 86 lbs. / 39.01 kg. Per Square Foot: 2.69 lbs. / 43 oz. / 1.22 kg. / 1219 grams Per Square Meter: 28.60 lbs. / 12.97 kg. Black, beige. Custom colors available (minimum order required). Black High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) post-industrial recycled plastic, naturally UV resistant due to the carbon black used for color. Beige UV- stabilized mats available. Varies, depending on sub-surface, up to 80 tons capacity. 2,843 psi (ASTM D695-02a) UL-94 HB Rating DuraDeck mats are designed to be used with no ground preparation over grass, gravel, soil, concrete, asphalt, mud and sandy soil conditions. DuraDeck mats have eight holes: one in each corner and four in the center line (two on each 8ft side) to create multi-directional roadways of nearly any size or shape. Mats can be connected using metal DuraLink connectors. DuraLinks do not require tools to install.