Bosch DAF220K Miterfinder Digital Angle Finder Kit

The Bosch DAF220K Miterfinder Digital Angle Finder Kit provides the versatility and convenience of four tools–angle finder, cut calculator, protractor, and level–all in one package. This updated Miterfinder now features angle memory for repeated use, simple miter cut calculation, and expanded input range for compound cut calculation. Ideal for use with any miter saw, the DAF220K also features a digital readout, leg extension, and more, making it a perfect choice for carpenters, remodelers, and contractors.



4 Tools in 1

Designed for professionals, the DAF220K offers 4 Tools in 1–an angle finder, cut calculator, protractor, and level–for tackling a range of trim and verification projects on crown molding, countertops, rooftops, and more.

The angle finder measures the exact angle of an existing structure or workpiece, while angle memory stores measurements over repeated uses. The protractor helps you correctly position your workpiece or intended cut line, and the vertical and horizontal spirit levels–accurate to 0.05 degrees–help you keep things properly balanced.

Determine Miter or Bevel Angles with Precision

The DAF220K also features a compound/simple cut calculator that helps you achieve a precise fit each and every time. The calculator’s compound feature determines exact miter and bevel angles and has a versatile cut input range of 0-180 degrees. And because the calculator stores measurements (such as crown molding spring angles), you won’t have to position the tool every time you use it. Just press a button to display compound miter and bevel cut angles.

The calculator’s simple miter cut feature has an input range of 0-220 degrees and calculates the exact miter angle needed for perfectly fitting baseboard, picture frames, and more. Just measure the angle and press the calculator button. It’s that easy.

User-Friendly Features

The DAF220K measures angles from 0-220 degrees via a patented motorized sensing system. All measurements are shown on a digital readout that displays on the front and back for easy viewing. And with an angle accuracy of 0.1 degrees, you can be sure of your results.

Ideal for use with any miter saw, the DAF220K features on-tool printing for straightforward operation. All tool features are clearly labeled and long-press features are clearly designated. Additionally, compound miter steps are listed right on the tool.

The included 16-inch leg extension has a range of up to 6-3/4 inches to allow you to measure angles in confined areas like stairways, ventilation shafts, and sloped windows.

An added bonus, the included protective carrying case has an internal pocket for leg extension storage and is made with durable thermoformed foam.