Having the right tools, equipment and training is important for both the Pro Shottas Soccer School and Infra Equipment Rentals.

Already playing undefeated for the season this year, the Under-13 Pro-Shottas Elite Team has scored another goal with a renewed partnership with the Black Bess-based tools and equipment company. This is the third year that Infra Rentals will be sponsoring the team.

When asked about the benefit of the sponsorship, President of Pro Shottas, Greg Castagne shared “Having Infra Rental’s support has been a tremendous assistance, especially with this age group. The funds Infra donates goes towards so much, particularly supplying gear, even when we are on tour. It also makes it possible for us to have more visiting coaches, which is a major part of the team’s development.”

The $3000 donation will go towards equipment, awards and trophies, and covering the expenses of a visiting coach coming in November 2019.

Managing Director of JADA Group, the parent company of Infra Equipment Rentals, Philip Tempro presented the cheque to the Under-13 Pro-Shottas Elite team last Saturday, 19 October, at the Wildey Turf football stadium, Sir Garfield Sobers Sports Complex, Wildey, St Michael.